The Pleiadian Mission

Have you heard about this?  I’m currently reading the book by Randolph Winters.  It’s about a man who has been contacted by aliens.  A lot.

To top it off, the Pleiadians have told Eduard Albert Meier (known as Billy Meier) the history of our Earth (the way it really happened, since they witnessed most of it).  They allowed him to photograph their beamships as well as travel to their planet, explained travel at hyperspeed, mentioned the other alien races already living on our planet, as well as some of the intelligent life out in our galaxy as well as other galaxies.

If you are fascinated with UFOs or aliens, this book is for you.  If you are a history buff, this book will amaze you with the information they shared.  If you are a Christian, this book will either open your eyes or have you question your beliefs.

I found that not only did this book answer questions for me but also brought up more questions.  In 6th grade, I asked my teacher, Sister Mary Margaret, ‘If Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth, where did the cave men come from?’  She didn’t answer.  I never found anything in our books at the time or since then that explained that but I did discover there were two versions of the creation in the bible.  For a long time, I let that stand as my answer, but now I know better.

Like I said, I’m still reading this fascinating book and I’m coming up with a lot of great story ideas.  You can find it on  Read it.  You’ll come away with a new attitude about our role in the universe.

UFOs in History

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I just caught an episode on the History channel about UFOs in ancient times. Actually, there were sightings even before recorded history.
There were ancient Indian texts about three cities hovering over the Earth and they fought each other. There was an explosion that changed the Earth as a result, but it was of atomic proportions, similar to what happens when an atomic bomb is dropped. There were also descriptions of what was experienced as radiation poisoning, as well as geological evidence for such happenings.
Not only did these Indian texts describe what we would call UFOs, but so does the Bible!
I remember when Eric Von Daniken spoke at the University of West Florida about his thoughts on the subject. His book, “In Search of Ancient Gods,” was his pictorial evidence for visitors from other planets in our past. He also wrote “Chariots of the Gods?,” “Gods from Outer Space,” and “Gold of the Gods.” I’ve read the first book and found it fascinating.
On this History channel program, other people spoke about the possibilities of visitors from other planets with technology beyond our comprehension. When the people of the day tried to describe what they had seen, they could only use words that they knew then. There were even examples of famous religious paintings with UFOs in the paintings!
Many of the speakers on the program were also authors of books on the subject of UFOs, or people who studied the history of ancient astronauts. The program covered some interesting things, like some of the UFOs came from beneath the ocean. And Columbus and his men actually saw something come up out of the sea and fly into the sky. Now I have more books to research on the subject.
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“Have you ever looked at the night sky?”…”There were times when I saw other things moving in the sky that weren’t stars.”

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Have you ever looked at the sky at night?  I mean really looked at it?  Ever since I was a young kid, I remember lying in the grass at night and gazing at the stars.  Some twinkled and some didn’t.

Once in a great while, I would see a shooting star.  It was awesome.  But there were times when I saw other things moving in the sky that weren’t stars.

Oh, yes, the adults would say it was an airplane.  As I got older, I still didn’t believe all of those moving things were airplanes.  In fact, there was a time in the late 1980’s and early 1990 when a rash of UFOs were seen in the Pensacola, Florida area.

Of course, one of the locals was caught faking a UFO landing using an overturned trampoline and later two styrofoam plates to make it look like a photo of a UFO.  But he was the only one faking it.

The fall of 1989, after returning from a Campfire outing with my three children along with four other children and a dad, I had my first encounter with a UFO.  We drove down a lonely dark road exiting Gulf Islands National Seashore (on Pensacola Beach).  It was around 8 pm and the sun had set.  The crystal white sand of the Gulf Coast always glowed at night.  Along the gulf side of the road, I spotted something dark rise up from the white sand.  It flew over my van to the left side, about 100 feet up and a few yards ahead of us.  It stayed with us for almost 6 miles.  My air conditioner didn’t work, so we had the windows down.  There was no sound coming from this object.

The Pensacola Naval Air Station was directly on our right, across the sound.  I made a comment to the dad sitting behind me about the Navy doing maneuvers at night. (This happened often in the sound, but usually not in the National Park).  I also mentioned that I’d never seen helicopters land on the beach.

He said, “I design helicopters for the Navy and that’s no helicopter I’ve ever seen.”

After that statement, the goosebumps rose up on my arms.  We both looked out our windows as I drove down the desolate road.  There were red, green, and white lights circling the bottom of this object in a flickering pattern.  Once we approached the lighted area of downtown Pensacola Beach, it disappeared.

Have any of you seen a UFO?  Any close encounters?  Tell us about it.[ad name=”Google Adsense-1″]