A moment in time

I was listening to a CD of the Steve Miller Band while driving south (in search of warmer weather). It brought back some pleasant memories.

It was a time in the early 70’s when I was going to the University of West Florida (UWF) and the dorm next to mine was full of divers (Divers Do It Deeper) and some computers guys (now called Geeks or Nerds). I was actually a Nerd then, too, but didn’t know it. We would play touch football in the grassy area near the dorms and the library. One of the guys who played was called “Spaceman” and the song, “Space Cowboy,” played a lot that year.

Songs bring back memories as well as feelings for me. That was my first autumn away from home and the air was crisp and cool. That was a new experience for me coming from Miami. I also learned the farther north I went (from Miami), the more southern it got. I thought I could understand all those “foreign” accents in Miami, but southern was completely different. And slower. People spoke fast in Miami, but not Pensacola. There was a laid back feel to the area. Something I was unaccustomed to.

I guess I’ll have to pick out some music for my books. That way, while I’m writing them, I can have music playing in the background to remind me of the feelings I experience from my characters. Do you experience this while listening to music? Let me hear from you.