Recent UFO Activity

I was minding my own business and checking my facebook page when a friend showed a link to a craft shop in Ireland. I clicked on the link to check it out. I love Ireland! I want to go back there for a longer visit some time. When the video link was finished, other videos with titles showed up at that link, so I clicked on them, thinking there were more shops. I was surprised to see several different videos, one after the other (I was hooked after the second video) about recent UFO sightings.

I don’t know about you, but I had a close encounter with a space ship back in late 1989. So I don’t believe anything the government says about there not being any life beyond Earth.
Just because THEY haven’t seen anything from another planet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!
The first few videos showed lights in the sky, but people from all over the world saw them the same week, in the same formation, behaving in the same way. There was a lot of home video shot–pretty impressive.

But there were two interesting videos that sparked a story in my mind. The first video was from Russia. Outside a building, a few workers were taking a break and saw a human-like, gray creature with large eyes run past them. Someone captured this creature and it screeched. To top it off, the security cameras caught this creature on film. They don’t know what happened to the creature. But if you saw the movie, Paul, then you know what the creature looked like.

The other video was showing still images taken from a Chinese satellite showing the far side of the moon. And on this side, there was a base. Now this base didn’t get here from asteroid hits.

I’m excited about these videos. It proves we are not alone and the government has been lying to us for YEARS!!

Of course I have always believed that when God created the heavens and the earth, he didn’t just create one planet. How boring! God is more creative than we can imagine. And heavens is plural in the bible, I believe. That could be his way of telling us there was more life out there, but in the beginning, telling us about God was pretty heady stuff. Throwing out the existence of other worlds was too much for man to comprehend at the time.

And some of those myths that have been handed down over the years were not myths, in my opinion, they were stories of facts that have been embellished over the years. Just think of the stories your parents told you when they were kids, I’m sure they embellished parts of their stories (like how many miles they walked to school).

So stay tuned. After finishing Revenge the manuscript, and the script, I may start a new story with some…embellishments of my own.

Working on Revenge!

I received another rejection for my manuscript, The Abduction.  I’m getting closer to giving self-publishing a sincere consideration.  Of course I would need an editor to look over the manuscript and give me guidance as far as what needs to be fixed (if anything).  In general, I need an editor to “edit” the manuscript so it can be published.  I want to put my best work out there.  I’ve seen some published books with mistakes in them after publication.  You’d think someone would catch mistakes before a book is published, but even BIG publishers can make mistakes.

I think my total submissions/rejections to date are 30 for my manuscript.  It’s up to two rejections on my script, but I’ve only submitted it three times.  Another manuscript (which I plan to re-write) had been rejected 47 times before I quit submitting it.  I’ve been told that rejections are subjective.  Sometimes, it’s not about how good or bad something is, it may not be right for that publisher at the time.  Well, I’m going to follow that philosophy rather than feeling sorry for myself.

My next manuscript is REVENGE!  I finished a rough draft of it while doing NaNoWriMo one year.  I’m now working on re-writing it and polishing it to submit to contests.  In fact, I submitted my first chapter to a contest, then discovered I needed a prologue.  But, after reflecting on what editors have said about prologues, I decided to turn it into chapter one.  Luckily, I was only on chapter 8 when I had to change all the chapters. So today, I begin chapter 9.  I’m at the point where those who have revenge issues are narrowing in on the man they want to kill.  But, unlike most Revenge scripts, the hero is the one they want to kill!  He took his revenge in chapter one.  Seven years later, they discover who he is and take action.

Here’s the logline:  A reformed criminal falls in love with his instructor who seeks revenge against her brother’s killer, and he discovers he’s the man who killed him.

Now I’m debating whether to use the heroine’s logline or his.  Hers is:  A fitness instructor seeks revenge against her brother’s killer and discovers he’s the man she’s in love with.

Usually, the POV character is the one who has the most to lose, or must change the most in the end.  The way I see it, Berto, the hero doesn’t think he deserves to find love and be happy because he led a life of crime.  He also has telekinetic powers.  He killed two boys when he was younger to protect his sister, now the sisters of the deceased boys want him dead.  The catch is, all three of them work for the Interplanetary Space Patrol (they keep the peace and the law between planets in the Vaedra system).  So the reluctant hero must take a stand and defend himself and others when their mission is jeopardized by one of the women who wants revenge.  The woman he loves must decide whether or not to forgive him and give him a second chance at life and love.  But when she is nearly killed, he takes his revenge on the tribe of Perseans who are holding slaves they came to rescue. Whew!  There’s a lot of revenge in this story.

The heroine, Shey, must forgive Berto of his past before the two can be together in Happily Ever After.

The hero, must accept himself as well as his powers and then forgive himself of his past mistakes before he can feel deserving of Happily Ever After.  I think he has more to lose as well as more changing to do to reach his HEA, don’t you?

The theme of the story is everyone deserves a second chance.  On that note, I think I’ll send out my manuscript, The Abduction, to two more editors.  Until next time, keep writing!


New Year, New Commitments

I fully intended to keep up with my blog last year, but I got distracted. I started out last year writing to enter a script contest. I finished my manuscript and a script adapted from that manuscript. I went on to edit the rough draft of “Revenge” but got distracted by writing a script adaptation for it. Work at a new job, AVON, canning season, a husband, and a household all pulled me in different directions.

So, here I am, starting over again in a New Year. This year will be different. We all say that, don’t we? I’ve committed myself to getting in shape and eating right. So far, so good in that respect. I’ve stuck to my daily exercises going on two weeks now. I’m trying to eat less, watching that it’s healthy food. That part is a little harder. I’d rather over-exercise than under-eat, but that’s me.

I’ve cut back on my AVON books, to make life easier. I’ve been laid off from the other job (temporarily, I hope), so I have no excuse for lack of time. So now comes the commitment to write. **I commit myself to writing at least two hours a day.** I’m setting a timer. No interruptions for two hours! After that time, it’s housework, errands, or whatever. I’m going to make it work five days a week. No appointments or last minute errands until after the two hours is up.

I’m blocking out two hours a day in my day planner as if this were an appointment. I’ll post a snippet of what I’ve written here on my blog. Hopefully, I’ll have some followers to my blog.

I got some feedback from an editor to make some changes to my manuscript, “The Abduction.” She said she would take a look at the whole thing if I did the edits. I’ve got a little more to do on the second chapter then a general read over to make sure everything sounds good.

Here are a few snippets from chapter one of “The Abduction.”

**Lightning flashed and a rumbling boom shook the tiny log cabin nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains…
Crack! The dwelling shook again. Two lights shone over the water, then moved towards the wooded area surrounding his home…Suddenly, lightning struck one of the objects, brightening the entire sky. The explosion startled him…Adam Davis yanked his clothes off the chair and pulled on his jeans. Hopefully, someone survived the crash…

…He arrived at the wreckage…”Hey, is anybody here?” He shouted above the rumbling. No response…Apprehension crept up the back of his neck, like someone watched him.

He pulled the bow off his shoulder, nocked an arrow to the bowstring and swung around to check the woods behind him. His bow, fully drawn was ready to release, but aimed at nothing…

Facing the small plane, he walked towards it, as another bolt lit up the area, brighter than before. He gasped and his heart thudded. The flattened football-shaped object had no wings or tail. Unlike anything he had ever seen, his first thought was to run like hell!**

Status Update

I know I had planned to keep up my blog but life got in the way. I started a new job in March which took away some of my writing time. I managed to finish a script based on a manuscript I had written called The Abduction. I had written the manuscript back in 1998. The premise is a young man is mistaken for a criminal and abducted by aliens. His only way back to Earth is to rescue the father of the beautiful bounty hunter who abducted him, but falls in love with her in the process.

That manuscript went through a lot of changes over the years (along with a lot of rejections). I had entered 16 contests with it. The last four contests had the same results. Two out of three judges said it was great, but the third judge (in each case) gave me low scores for the same items I received high scores on. How do you fix that?
Normally, after each contest, I would examine the comments and look at the manuscript to see where I could improve it. Then I would edit the manuscript and resubmit it to another contest for feedback. Well, after the fourth contest which had the same results as the three previous, I quit submitting it to contests. I then wrote a script based on the manuscript because one editor said that my manuscript read like a script.

Well, after entering that script in a contest last year, I was told that I came close to finaling. So, I took the comments of the judges and went over the script, making corrections. I re-entered it in the same contest this year (Romancing the Script screenwriting contest). I finaled in that contest and went on to receive third place. Yea! Now I have a nice badge to put on my website.

Shortly after entering that contest, I discovered two more contests for scripts: Script Pipeline and Page Awards. I entered both contests. I didn’t final in the Script Pipeline contest, but I heard from the Page Awards that my script, The Abduction, went from Round One to Round Two. The Quarter Finalists will be announced on July 15, 2011. I am so excited about this news!

In the meantime, I’m learning how to juggle my writing time with a full-time job, my AVON business, and dealing with canning zucchini relish, squash, tomatoes and other vegetables that need my immediate attention. I have managed to work on my sequel to The Abduction called Revenge. I’m actually writing it as a script as well as editing my rough draft into a manuscript.

Wish me luck!

Hello world!

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

This is my new blog on writing sci-fi romance as well as paranormal romance that’s on the edge of reality.  While I take the time to learn this new program, I hope you visit my blog and website and follow me on my journey as a writer seeking publication.

I’m currently submitting my first manuscript, “The Abduction,” to agents and editors, while I’m editing my first screenplay based on the manuscript.  I hope to have the screenplay finished by the end of this month.

The Abduction is about a young man abducted by aliens from the only home he has ever known and discovers the home he has always wanted when he falls in love with the beautiful alien bounty hunter who wanted him dead.  The theme of this story is “home is where the heart is.”

The story takes place in the Vaedra System which is in the Milky Way Galaxy. ( I hope to have images of space in my blog occasionally.)  This is the beginning of the Vaedra Chronicles, a series of stories that occur in the Vaedra System.  Main characters from the first book will have appearances in other books, but the secondary characters will eventually have their own stories.

My second manuscript, Revenge, is a first draft.  I hope to work on that as well this month.  Revenge is about a reformed criminal who falls in love with a woman seeking revenge against her brother’s killer, only to discover he is the one who killed him.  I’m still working on the theme for this story, but I’m leaning towards “life is full of second chances.”[ad name=”Google Adsense-2″]