New Direction

While I’m trying to catch up on my own schedule for writing (an endless challenge), I’ve decided to edit another manuscript while preparing for NaNoWriMo in November.

I had planned to work on book 3 in The Vaedra Chronicles Series which I had titled “The Return” but I’ve taken a couple characters in a different direction. So while I set up the background for the characters and the catalyst, I will be editing my manuscript, “Between Heaven and Earth.” BH&E was written a few years ago as a paranormal adventure romance. It needs some tweaking and self-editing before I send it off to an editor. It may be book 2 in the Angel Series. Book 1, “The Quest,” also needs tweaking, re-writing, and self-editing (as soon as I can find it). I either imagined writing it, or I still have it in long-hand somewhere in a notebook. I remember the whole story, I just can’t locate it on my computer. However, I plan to release both of these two books next year. Once I get BH&E out to the editor, I plan to use NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to work on book 3. I’ve debated on changing the title to Betrayed because that is the essence of the story. The theme may be something else.

While writing “The Abduction,” the essence of that story was abduction, but the theme was ‘home is where the heart is.’ In “Revenge,” the essence of that story was revenge, but the theme was ‘forgiveness.’ In “Between Heaven and Earth,” an angel must decide between both places. His heart can’t be on Earth while his spirit is in Heaven. The essence of the story is finding out where he belongs. The theme of the story is ‘our choices have consequences.’

Stay tuned and I’ll post the first chapter of “Between Heaven and Earth” next time.

Chapter Previews

Now that book two is out (“Revenge”), I can concentrate on book 3 (“The Return”). I had originally called it “The Return” because Adam, a character from book one (“The Abduction”) was abducted in the first story but returns to Earth to share technology with humans on Earth. More specifically, the U.S. Government, but he is met with adversity and is held prisoner by our own government. After working on this premise, I discovered a different theme running through the story and thought that maybe the title should be “Betrayed” or “Betrayal” instead.

I also wanted to introduce other characters from the Vaedra system and some from Earth, making it a love story with Adam more as a secondary character (since he had his story in book one).

I started NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) summer camp but had difficulty keeping up due to events from my last post (too much going on and not enough time to write). So, I’ve decided to try something new. I will work on the novel and post chapters here on my blog. Then, you can comment or critique the chapter, giving me valuable feedback. I would love for you to follow my blog. If you like sci-fi adventure romance, please go to my website at and sign up for my reader’s group. Then go on to sign up for my VIP group. There, you will get FREE books from me with the proviso that you will give me an honest review on and When this book is published, you will get a FREE copy of it as well and any future books I publish.

Stay tuned. I hope to post chapter one by the end of August.

The Return

While I’m still doing re-writes for “Revenge,” my second book in the Vaedra Chronicles Series, I am also working on “The Return.”  “The Return” is book three in the series and is Adam’s return to Earth to share technology that the Vaedra System has and Earth needs. Or does it?

There is a lot of talk about “the black government” or as  “The Men In Black” refer to themselves as a secret government agency that controls the alien population on the Earth.  I loved those movies until I realized that although they were funny sci-fi spoofs, they were about a real government agency.  This agency has made people “disappear” or have “fatal accidents” that on the surface looked that way, but if they had been investigated, would have shown them to not be accidents at all.  Those were people that would have exposed this agency to the public.  Why is this such a secret anyway, when so many people believe it is actually going on?

In my book, “The Return,” I plan to use some of these theories in a “what if…?” scenario and let you be the judge.

Some books along this line of thinking that you might want to read are:  “UFOs Exempt from Disclosure” (The Black World of UFOs) by Robert M. Collins with Richard C. Doty; “Millenial Hospitality,” by Charles James Hall; and “Area 51,” by Bob Mayer.  And a new one I just finished is “Exodus” by Andreas Christensen.  Christensen’s book is more about what would happen if we had to leave Earth because it was on a collision course with another planet.  That opened up a whole different set of ideas.

If you love sci-fi, check those books out.  It will be worth your time.


Have you ever felt like getting even?  Have you ever been hurt enough by someone that you wanted them to suffer like you did?  Even though we are supposed to forgive one another, the thought of revenge has crossed my mind.  Not that I carried it out, but I had thought about it at least once.  Maybe everyone has, at least once.  Is it normal?  Maybe.

I based my second book on revenge.  When a reformed criminal decides to turn over a new leaf and fight on the side of the “law” instead against it, he feels like maybe his life would count for something.  Maybe he could make up for the bad things he did by doing good.  The only problem is he didn’t count on all the people who wanted revenge against him.

Here’s my back page blurb:

Living a life of crime to support himself and his baby sister, Berto takes the chance to turn his life around by working for the Interplanetary Space Patrol.

Keeping a dark secret and hiding his telekinetic powers, he manages to finally fit in.  Everything seems to be working out just fine until he discovers the woman he loves wants revenge against her brother’s murderer.  But she’s not the only one who wants him dead.

Sabotage and murder shake up the tiny Meta Base Station of the I.S.P., but the death of an agent and a compromised mission in space changes everything.

I would love to get some reviews for this book, “Revenge,” before it’s published, as well as for book number one, “The Abduction.”  Contact me at if you’re interested. Put “Review Revenge” in the subject area and I’ll send you the .doc file.  If you’d like to get a FREE copy of “The Abduction” and “Revenge,” join my launch team.  Start at and I’ll send you an email on how to join my launch team.

The Pleiadian Mission

Have you heard about this?  I’m currently reading the book by Randolph Winters.  It’s about a man who has been contacted by aliens.  A lot.

To top it off, the Pleiadians have told Eduard Albert Meier (known as Billy Meier) the history of our Earth (the way it really happened, since they witnessed most of it).  They allowed him to photograph their beamships as well as travel to their planet, explained travel at hyperspeed, mentioned the other alien races already living on our planet, as well as some of the intelligent life out in our galaxy as well as other galaxies.

If you are fascinated with UFOs or aliens, this book is for you.  If you are a history buff, this book will amaze you with the information they shared.  If you are a Christian, this book will either open your eyes or have you question your beliefs.

I found that not only did this book answer questions for me but also brought up more questions.  In 6th grade, I asked my teacher, Sister Mary Margaret, ‘If Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth, where did the cave men come from?’  She didn’t answer.  I never found anything in our books at the time or since then that explained that but I did discover there were two versions of the creation in the bible.  For a long time, I let that stand as my answer, but now I know better.

Like I said, I’m still reading this fascinating book and I’m coming up with a lot of great story ideas.  You can find it on  Read it.  You’ll come away with a new attitude about our role in the universe.