We’ve all felt betrayed at one time or another. Sometimes it’s someone we are close to, other times it’s a friend or someone we thought was a friend. The pain is the same. The stabbing of your heart, the hurt that follows, and the long healing process. How you go through this process will determine if you are a victim or a survivor.

Some people stay “victims” and let this feeling linger on and on beyond what is healthy. Others take this hurt and learn from it. Maybe trusting people less and less in the future to guard their hearts from this pain again.

I’ve known people who have a “Whoa is me” mentality and continue feeling that they will always be a victim and that nothing every goes right. Guess what? They get what they ask for.

I prefer to go through the pain, have my cry, and go on with life. Things happen, but I look for the good in everything. I figure there is always something to learn from every experience. I may not know what it is right away, but I’ll eventually see it and learn from it. BUT, I can always use this experience in a story and show someone else going through the pain and how they overcome it.

In my first book, “The Abduction,” my theme was ‘home is where the heart is.’ It took Adam losing the only person he ever loved to see that going home wasn’t home anymore without the person he loved. As long as he was with Genesis, he could make his home anywhere. In “Revenge,” my theme was ‘life is full of second chances.’ With forgiveness, you get a second chance, a do-over. My characters had to get to the point where they could forgive each other completely to get their second chance at love.

In “Betrayed,” as in “Revenge,” forgiveness plays a major part in the story. The theme for “Betrayed” is ‘overcoming trials of life with optimism.’ Optimism turns a ‘victim’ into a survivor.

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