Best Laid Plans

You know how it goes when you make plans to finish your book and then something comes up which changes your plans? Well, that happened to me. In fact, it happens too much, so here is an update:

I’m getting ready to have a cover made for the story. While it’s about Adam returning to Earth to share technology, it’s not really his story. It’s Tremol’s story of how he averts an intergalactic war. I’m weaving in the betrayal of Adam by his government, the betrayal of a young woman by her boyfriend, and the betrayal of the American people by the Black Government. But the theme is “take a chance on love.” It is a romance, after all, but the title will be “Betrayed.” Just like in “The Abduction,” where Adam was abducted by an alien, then he and the alien are abducted by the villain, and others are abducted in the book as well, the theme is “home is where the heart is.” It took Adam awhile to figure it out, because all he wanted throughout the story was to go “home.” After all he went through, he finally realized that his home wasn’t the same without the woman he loved. In my second book, “Revenge,” everyone wants revenge against Berto, or so it seems. But the theme is “forgiveness.” He can never have a relationship with Shey unless she can forgive him. It took her awhile to realize that to love him, she must forgive him of his past mistakes and to let go of her revenge against him.

Hopefully, I’ll have something written that I can share with you next time. For now, have a good night.

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