National Novel Writing Month

Yes, it’s November and I started NaNoWriMo again. I’m working on “The Return” even though I may change the name. I’m struggling with a secondary character that needs to be the hero and a former hero that needs to take a back seat.

The problem seems to be not fleshing out the characters before I started writing. I didn’t have a clear understanding of their goals, motivations and conflicts (GMC). Each character has them, even the villains. Without these three elements, you don’t know what the hero wants or why. You don’t know what the antagonist wants either and it’s important to know. In fact, knowing what the antagonist wants helps to set up the conflicts for the hero.

All these elements together helps to create a log line for the story. ┬áThat’s why I’ve been stuck in the same place (also because I haven’t had time to write). So writing this blog is forcing me to get back into writing. No matter how late it is, I can always MAKE time to write. I may not get any sleep, but I can MAKE time to write.

This is a start for now. Maybe by the end of the week I’ll have a log line to share with you along with a better title. Catch you later.

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