New Direction

While I’m trying to catch up on my own schedule for writing (an endless challenge), I’ve decided to edit another manuscript while preparing for NaNoWriMo in November.

I had planned to work on book 3 in The Vaedra Chronicles Series which I had titled “The Return” but I’ve taken a couple characters in a different direction. So while I set up the background for the characters and the catalyst, I will be editing my manuscript, “Between Heaven and Earth.” BH&E was written a few years ago as a paranormal adventure romance. It needs some tweaking and self-editing before I send it off to an editor. It may be book 2 in the Angel Series. Book 1, “The Quest,” also needs tweaking, re-writing, and self-editing (as soon as I can find it). I either imagined writing it, or I still have it in long-hand somewhere in a notebook. I remember the whole story, I just can’t locate it on my computer. However, I plan to release both of these two books next year. Once I get BH&E out to the editor, I plan to use NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to work on book 3. I’ve debated on changing the title to Betrayed because that is the essence of the story. The theme may be something else.

While writing “The Abduction,” the essence of that story was abduction, but the theme was ‘home is where the heart is.’ In “Revenge,” the essence of that story was revenge, but the theme was ‘forgiveness.’ In “Between Heaven and Earth,” an angel must decide between both places. His heart can’t be on Earth while his spirit is in Heaven. The essence of the story is finding out where he belongs. The theme of the story is ‘our choices have consequences.’

Stay tuned and I’ll post the first chapter of “Between Heaven and Earth” next time.

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