Today, I intended to post my first chapter of “Revenge,” my second book in the Vaedra Chronicles Series. First, I wanted to reflect on the hurricanes we just experienced in Texas and Florida.

Very recently, a gentleman from Kentucky, I believe, was asked why he went to Texas with his boat to help in the recovery/rescue efforts. He said he had come from a small town where people were loved and things were used. He said the world has gotten to a point where people are used and things are loved. I thought his statement was profound.

I believe that Satan sends storms and destruction upon the Earth because that’s what he’s all about, besides being the father of lies. I think that God allows these things to happen so that people can be humbled and remember God is love and His love is more important than things.

I’ve seen where strangers help strangers in these situations, no matter the color of the skin or what religion they cling to. I saw that first hand, years ago, during a snow storm (the Blizzard of 1993). All my neighbors stayed at our house because we had a fireplace. We pooled all our food from freezers and shared it among the three families. Although it was a disaster (we were without electricity for 10 days), we got along fine (no fighting or arguments). There were six adults, seven children, three dogs, and one cat. But those memories will stay with me forever.

I think God is trying to tell us something here. Love is caring about people and their welfare, not thinking only of ourselves but others. These disasters are bringing out the best in people. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always be this way?

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