What if?

What if we had a space capable military that could protect us from outside visitors? What if we had active space programs that searched our solar system for life? What if we had probes that visited each planet in our solar system (like the Mars Rover) and reported back to us with videos and live feeds from these planets? What if we had our own space ships capable of intergalactic travel where we could visit these planets and begin colonies there?

What if we had aliens from other planets already living here? What if some of these alien races looked just like us? What if some of these alien races lived underground or under the ocean? What if some of these alien races have already bred with humans? What if some of those people who have been abducted are being used to carry alien babies? What if the humans who have been abducted and have found alien devices that were implanted in them, suddenly were forced to do something against their will (all at the same time)?


What if we were approached by an alien race who happens to be human and they offer to teach us their technology in exchange for trade and commerce?

These are just some of the questions I came up with after watching UFOTV or documentaries I’ve seen about UFOs, abductions, aliens, and space ships. It helps me to create a story and a world where these things can happen.

I’ve sent off book 2, “Revenge,” of the “Vaedra Chronicles” series to my editor. Now I’m working on book 3, “The Return,” and book 1 of the “Angel Chronicles” series called “The Quest.”

In “The Return,” I answer some of these questions. If you’d like to read Chapter One of “The Abduction,” go to my website: www.esterlopez.com and join my Readers Group. There, you’ll be able to get a FREE copy of “The Vaedra Chronicles” which is the companion book to “The Abduction.” Happy reading!


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