“Revenge” Book 2 in “The Vaedra Chronicles” Series

As an update on my second book, “Revenge,” I’m working on edits I received from my editor.  Editing my own work makes it harder to see some of the obvious mistakes.  Even after waiting awhile before going over the manuscript the last time, I still missed some things. So, I have my work cut out for me.

This whole writing journey is a learning experience for me.  Although I have a book out, “The Abduction,” I often wonder if I can make it better some how.  I’m sure even the best authors may think about tweaking their “babies” after they’ve published them.

I look at it this way, after I get “Revenge” finally published, it will be the best I can make it.  I will work harder on book three, “The Return.”  I’m hoping to launch my paranormal series this year as well.  When I have time (and much later than this year) I will take another look at book one and maybe tweak it just a little, releasing it as a ‘new edition’ or ‘second edition.’  There’s always room for improvement and I know I will only get better as a writer as I continue to write more books.

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