The Return

While I’m still doing re-writes for “Revenge,” my second book in the Vaedra Chronicles Series, I am also working on “The Return.”  “The Return” is book three in the series and is Adam’s return to Earth to share technology that the Vaedra System has and Earth needs. Or does it?

There is a lot of talk about “the black government” or as  “The Men In Black” refer to themselves as a secret government agency that controls the alien population on the Earth.  I loved those movies until I realized that although they were funny sci-fi spoofs, they were about a real government agency.  This agency has made people “disappear” or have “fatal accidents” that on the surface looked that way, but if they had been investigated, would have shown them to not be accidents at all.  Those were people that would have exposed this agency to the public.  Why is this such a secret anyway, when so many people believe it is actually going on?

In my book, “The Return,” I plan to use some of these theories in a “what if…?” scenario and let you be the judge.

Some books along this line of thinking that you might want to read are:  “UFOs Exempt from Disclosure” (The Black World of UFOs) by Robert M. Collins with Richard C. Doty; “Millenial Hospitality,” by Charles James Hall; and “Area 51,” by Bob Mayer.  And a new one I just finished is “Exodus” by Andreas Christensen.  Christensen’s book is more about what would happen if we had to leave Earth because it was on a collision course with another planet.  That opened up a whole different set of ideas.

If you love sci-fi, check those books out.  It will be worth your time.

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