Have you ever felt like getting even?  Have you ever been hurt enough by someone that you wanted them to suffer like you did?  Even though we are supposed to forgive one another, the thought of revenge has crossed my mind.  Not that I carried it out, but I had thought about it at least once.  Maybe everyone has, at least once.  Is it normal?  Maybe.

I based my second book on revenge.  When a reformed criminal decides to turn over a new leaf and fight on the side of the “law” instead against it, he feels like maybe his life would count for something.  Maybe he could make up for the bad things he did by doing good.  The only problem is he didn’t count on all the people who wanted revenge against him.

Here’s my back page blurb:

Living a life of crime to support himself and his baby sister, Berto takes the chance to turn his life around by working for the Interplanetary Space Patrol.

Keeping a dark secret and hiding his telekinetic powers, he manages to finally fit in.  Everything seems to be working out just fine until he discovers the woman he loves wants revenge against her brother’s murderer.  But she’s not the only one who wants him dead.

Sabotage and murder shake up the tiny Meta Base Station of the I.S.P., but the death of an agent and a compromised mission in space changes everything.

I would love to get some reviews for this book, “Revenge,” before it’s published, as well as for book number one, “The Abduction.”  Contact me at if you’re interested. Put “Review Revenge” in the subject area and I’ll send you the .doc file.  If you’d like to get a FREE copy of “The Abduction” and “Revenge,” join my launch team.  Start at and I’ll send you an email on how to join my launch team.

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