After The Ebook Launch

Now that my book, “The Abduction,” is available on Smashwords and Amazon, my work as a published author is just beginning.

I found an article from Author Media which lists more than 89 book marketing tips.  The article was written by Caitlin Muir.

So, I begin with her first ten tips:

  1. Create a testimonial page on my website–I’m not sure I know how to do that, but I will be looking into it this week.
  2. Add the free “My Book Progress” plugin to my WordPress website to update my visitors about the status of my upcoming book–since I’ve already launched my book, I’ll add this to let people know about my next book, “Revenge.”
  3. Retweak the SEO on my website–now this is something I know nothing about.  Since I changed my website: to add a landing page for a FREE book giveaway (“The Vaedra Chronicles”), I haven’t figured out how to get people back to the regular website without going back to the landing page.  I have some work cut out for me here.
  4. Ask fans to post their reviews on my Facebook page–I will as soon as someone buys my book (unless I come up with another idea)
  5. Ask fans to post their reviews on Amazon–the same as above, however, Amazon is good at asking for reviews as well.  They ask me all the time what I think about a purchase I made.
  6. Ask fans to post their reviews on Goodreads–I definitely will do that!
  7. Sign up for Twitter–I have been tweeting for some time, so I guess I better get the word out about my book!
  8. Clean up my social footprint–I’m not sure what she meant by that, but I have been posting here about my journey as a writer, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  I can see where I can do more for my journey by going through LinkedIn and Google+.
  9. Create an author Facebook page and use it instead of my profile page–I will definitely look into that.  I heard you can have more friends on an author page than on the regular Facebook page.
  10. Sign up for Google Authorship–now that is something new to me.  I will also look into this as well as the nine tips before.  Stay tuned for my report next week on how I did with all these improvements/tips.

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