Recent UFO Activity


I was minding my own business and checking my facebook page when a friend showed a link to a craft shop in Ireland. I clicked on the link to check it out. I love Ireland! I want to go back there for a longer visit some time. When the video link was finished, other videos with titles showed up at that link, so I clicked on them, thinking there were more shops. I was surprised to see several different videos, one after the other (I was hooked after the second video) about recent UFO sightings.

I don’t know about you, but I had a close encounter with a space ship back in late 1989. So I don’t believe anything the government says about there not being any life beyond Earth.
Just because THEY haven’t seen anything from another planet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!
The first few videos showed lights in the sky, but people from all over the world saw them the same week, in the same formation, behaving in the same way. There was a lot of home video shot–pretty impressive.

But there were two interesting videos that sparked a story in my mind. The first video was from Russia. Outside a building, a few workers were taking a break and saw a human-like, gray creature with large eyes run past them. Someone captured this creature and it screeched. To top it off, the security cameras caught this creature on film. They don’t know what happened to the creature. But if you saw the movie, Paul, then you know what the creature looked like.

The other video was showing still images taken from a Chinese satellite showing the far side of the moon. And on this side, there was a base. Now this base didn’t get here from asteroid hits.

I’m excited about these videos. It proves we are not alone and the government has been lying to us for YEARS!!

Of course I have always believed that when God created the heavens and the earth, he didn’t just create one planet. How boring! God is more creative than we can imagine. And heavens is plural in the bible, I believe. That could be his way of telling us there was more life out there, but in the beginning, telling us about God was pretty heady stuff. Throwing out the existence of other worlds was too much for man to comprehend at the time.

And some of those myths that have been handed down over the years were not myths, in my opinion, they were stories of facts that have been embellished over the years. Just think of the stories your parents told you when they were kids, I’m sure they embellished parts of their stories (like how many miles they walked to school).

So stay tuned. After finishing Revenge the manuscript, and the script, I may start a new story with some…embellishments of my own.

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