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Pillars in the Carina Nebula (Monofilter)

Well, I’m keeping to my commitment of writing every day.  I managed to edit my manuscript, The Abduction, and re-submit it to an editor.  That took several days.  Then afterwards, I submitted to an agent.  I heard back from her within 24 hours:  Thanks, but no thanks.

I went through my records to see how many contests I had entered with this manuscript.  I showed a total of 18.  That means I had to edit it as many times.  I finaled once, years ago in the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers SSSS Contest.

I discovered that I started keeping records for this manuscript as far back as 2003, but the story was born in the 90’s, while we lived in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I’ve sent it out 29 times to editors and agents over the years.  One editor never got back to me.  He’s had my manuscript since 2006.  Another one I submitted online and never heard from again either, but I think it was more recent (like 2009).

After I adapted this manuscript to a screenplay (last year), I submitted it to three contests.  The first one I came in third place (Romancing the Script Contest, sponsored by Scriptscene RWA), the second one was Script Pipeline, but I didn’t final.  The third was the Page Awards where I got to the second round.

I think I will continue to write scripts since I had better luck with them.  I actually see the story in my head, like a movie.  When I write it down, it’s just the bare bones.  Later, I go back and fill in description and “head stuff.”

So now I’m finishing up my edits for the script.  It started out to be 128 pages, but they like it shorter than that.  I’m going to try to get it to 120 pages or less, so there’s work to do.  I’m on page 43.  If I finish it this week, I’ll put another snippet up for you to read.

I also have some contest entries to judge for another chapter’s writing contest.  I hope I can help someone else who is just starting out in a writing career.

Until later, write, write, write…

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