New Year, New Commitments

I fully intended to keep up with my blog last year, but I got distracted. I started out last year writing to enter a script contest. I finished my manuscript and a script adapted from that manuscript. I went on to edit the rough draft of “Revenge” but got distracted by writing a script adaptation for it. Work at a new job, AVON, canning season, a husband, and a household all pulled me in different directions.

So, here I am, starting over again in a New Year. This year will be different. We all say that, don’t we? I’ve committed myself to getting in shape and eating right. So far, so good in that respect. I’ve stuck to my daily exercises going on two weeks now. I’m trying to eat less, watching that it’s healthy food. That part is a little harder. I’d rather over-exercise than under-eat, but that’s me.

I’ve cut back on my AVON books, to make life easier. I’ve been laid off from the other job (temporarily, I hope), so I have no excuse for lack of time. So now comes the commitment to write. **I commit myself to writing at least two hours a day.** I’m setting a timer. No interruptions for two hours! After that time, it’s housework, errands, or whatever. I’m going to make it work five days a week. No appointments or last minute errands until after the two hours is up.

I’m blocking out two hours a day in my day planner as if this were an appointment. I’ll post a snippet of what I’ve written here on my blog. Hopefully, I’ll have some followers to my blog.

I got some feedback from an editor to make some changes to my manuscript, “The Abduction.” She said she would take a look at the whole thing if I did the edits. I’ve got a little more to do on the second chapter then a general read over to make sure everything sounds good.

Here are a few snippets from chapter one of “The Abduction.”

**Lightning flashed and a rumbling boom shook the tiny log cabin nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains…
Crack! The dwelling shook again. Two lights shone over the water, then moved towards the wooded area surrounding his home…Suddenly, lightning struck one of the objects, brightening the entire sky. The explosion startled him…Adam Davis yanked his clothes off the chair and pulled on his jeans. Hopefully, someone survived the crash…

…He arrived at the wreckage…”Hey, is anybody here?” He shouted above the rumbling. No response…Apprehension crept up the back of his neck, like someone watched him.

He pulled the bow off his shoulder, nocked an arrow to the bowstring and swung around to check the woods behind him. His bow, fully drawn was ready to release, but aimed at nothing…

Facing the small plane, he walked towards it, as another bolt lit up the area, brighter than before. He gasped and his heart thudded. The flattened football-shaped object had no wings or tail. Unlike anything he had ever seen, his first thought was to run like hell!**

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