Thoughts on Aliens

I’ve learned a lot watching the history channel lately. Many things they brought up in their Ancient Astronaut series have also been brought up in movies. For instance, the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” (not sure of the title), showed some possibilities that the ancient aliens traveled here through another dimension, not to mention the fact that there are crystal skulls located in several places on Earth.

Another thing is the fact that there is evidence that these aliens have been around a long time. For instance, the Mayans must have had direct contact with them. Which means, they either spoke our language, or they taught us their language in order to communicate.

In my manuscript, THE ABDUCTION, a young man comes across a beautiful alien woman on his property after a rain storm. She appears just like any other woman. At first, she speaks to him in another language, but when she realizes he doesn’t understand, she taps her translator and is able to understand his language, and in turn, speaks to him in English. (Originally, she spoke English with no translator)

I was told by an editor, there is no way an alien is going to speak English. After that meeting, I went and researched languages. What it boils down to is that all languages came from one language, and then broke off into different dialects. My theory on that is that when God created man, he only needed one language. You can trace it back to the tower of Babel, where everyone spoke one language. When God realized they wanted to be as high as God, He zapped them with confusion and changed their language to different languages. Eventually, they each moved away seeking others who spoke their language. Well, you know they had to teach somebody else that language because they were the only ones speaking it!

So, in the early years, when the aliens started showing up, someone had to teach someone else a new language, unless God had them speaking the same language as our first man. To cover the problem this editor created for me, I explain in my story that hundreds of years earlier, these people from the Vaedra System came to Earth to live and taught our people English, which they call Vaedran dialect. And since no one is alive that was there then, there is no one to dispute my theory, right?

Since my aliens are human, they look just like us. Who is to say this isn’t really happening now. Maybe the UFOs that have been spotted are aliens checking on their own people. Perhaps some of the early aliens didn’t look human, which accounts for some of the drawings we’ve seen. But because I believe God created heaven and Earth, he created all beings on the planets in the heavens. And since he created man in his image, why couldn’t they look like us?

photo courtesy NASA

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