Ancient Astronauts and Thanksgiving Day

Besides feasting on turkey this Thanksgiving, I was able to enjoy hours of information on ancient astronauts provided by the history channel. Everything I was taught in history classes during my younger days is now questionable.

I remember learning about the cave men during my public school days and then ended up with more questions in Catholic school when I learned Adam and Eve were the first people that God created. I know in the Catholic Bible there are two accounts of the beginning. In one account, it tells of Adam and Eve. In the other account, it begins with …in the beginning, God created men and women, men and women he created them.

Okay, so if God created men and women (which means more than one of each), Adam and Eve must have been two that he set apart, right? But then the Bible describes how he took Adam’s rib and created Eve. Okay, so maybe Adam was first, then God created Eve, and while they were busy naming the creatures God had created earlier, God must have created all those other men and women (which I guess could have been cave men). For some reason, I always believed that Adam and Eve had more intelligence than cave men since they got to see and talk with God. Now, that could have been because he chose them and that made them special. Okay, I can deal with that.

Now, I know there were others by the time Adam and Eve had Cain and Able. After Cain killed Able, and God caught him, Cain was afraid that “others” would see and kill him. Now that proves there were more people out there, otherwise, he wouldn’t have any reason to be afraid, right?

Once Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, they had to fend for themselves, so that put them on par with the cave men, except they had more intelligence. I’m thinking that maybe God was trying out different things when he created man (since it could have been his first try at it). That would explain the differences in head shapes and sizes of brain. And while I’m at this, I imagine he created full-size adult men and women, because there was no mention of babies until we get to Cain and Able. The language used by the cave men had to be primitive because they didn’t get to speak to God to learn any language.

So, now that we have people on Earth, some of them figure out how to keep track of the animals they kill by drawing on their cave walls. Somewhere in time, one of them sees an alien and then they draw this on their walls. So that would be our first recording of ancient astronauts, right?

Of course, over time, some of these people meet up with Cain because he gets married (or takes a mate), and we know it can’t be Eve because she’s busy raising more kids with Adam. Now since Cain, Adam and Eve have all talked with God, they must have known about angels and passed this on to their children. So, down the line, people who saw aliens might have thought these were angels (since they came from heaven). Some might have mistaken them for God. And this is where some of the myths were born (mistaken identity).

Now there is thinking that the ancient astronauts interacted with the people for one reason or another (curiosity, teaching the early people some skills, using the early people as a means to an end). Maybe they came here to mine the Earth for it’s minerals. That’s believable. They might have used the early people to help them with their work and taught them skills in that respect.

Have you ever wondered how the first human figured out how to make a knife? And then how the first human crafted a cup to drink from? How would he know to melt down metal to shape it? Or how would he know that to mix clay with water you could shape it as well, but you had to bake this creation to keep its shape? That’s pretty heavy stuff for a cave man to figure out. Adam and Eve might have had that knowledge in the Garden of Eden, but they had no tools when they left.

Maybe God allowed these visitors to help mankind from the beginning of time (unless he sent his angels to check on them.) There are a lot of recorded visits from angels in the Bible. Some of those visits, however, are described from man’s point of view at that time, limited to his vocabulary and understanding at that time. But when Von Daniken wrote his book, IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT GODS he talks about how these descriptions were more likely space ships and ancient astronauts than angels. He even mentions the existence of road ways on top of mountains in foreign countries. All this was brought up by the History Channel as well. Fascinating stuff.

I’m still digesting all this information so I’ll re-visit this topic again soon with more of my own theories.

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