Alien Theories and UFOs

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After watching Tru TV’s Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on Area 51, I now have more questions on UFO sightings. For instance, if our government wants us to believe that we are seeing UFOs (to cover up their work on alien space technology), how many people are involved in their conspiracy? When people are seeing these things all over the world, it could be a few ships covering a lot of territory for science’ sake. But a lot of people must be in on this for it to work.

Another question I have: Is the United States ready to take these ships into space? If not, why not? And is the U.S. using this technology in the ocean as well? Several sightings have come from under the ocean, as well as going into the sea.

Why not share this technology with the rest of us? I can see why our government would keep this info here in the U.S., but we are past due for a flying car, let alone our own space ships.

After watching the Conspiracy program, my brain was buzzing with thoughts and questions until the History Channel had several programs back to back one night on ancient astronauts. I couldn’t stop watching!

For instance, there were indications in ancient history that men have been visited by “heavenly beings.” Since our ancestors had no words for aliens, they were referred to as heavenly creatures or gods. Across the world, creatures with human bodies and animal heads had been recorded in stone. One theory was that aliens came here to mine our planet for gold. They didn’t like doing all that hard work, so they created slaves to do the work for them by tinkering with our DNA. I suppose when the aliens were finished with them, they destroyed the slaves or there would have been some physical evidence of their existence.

There are accounts in Greek and Roman history how gods mingled with “daughters of men.” Of course their offspring would inherit some of their powers or abilities. That might explain the stories that were told through history. It’s interesting to see how people separated by continents have similar myths, unless they weren’t myths at all.

There is also a theory out there that our planet was populated by aliens in the first place and we are all “children of the stars.” The theories that were introduced answered more questions for me about Stonehenge, cave drawings, circle crops and other phenomena.

I suggest that if you are into UFOs and ancient astronauts, you sit down and watch some of the History Channel programs. Not only was it interesting, but it gave me a lot to contemplate. While I let all this information sink into my brain, I’ll eventually come out with a unique sci-fi story that will satisfy my own curiosity. Hopefully someone out there may be interested in reading it one day.UFO sighting in Louisiana of black saucer & 3 small orbs Oct 23, 2010, photos 2/4
Creative Commons License photo credit: DragonRal
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