UFOs Anyone?

Galaxia del Sombrero M104
Creative Commons License photo credit: NautilusCL
Photo Credits: NASA Hubble Heritage Team STScl/AURA
In my last post, I mentioned my first sighting or close encounter with a UFO. It was exciting and scary at the same time. Not too long after that, I saw my second UFO. I was with my husband and our three children, driving over the Pensacola Bay Bridge around 5 p.m. in the early fall of 1989. It was still daylight with a clear sky. A huge light hung in the sky above us. The bridge was three miles long, so this light was stationary the entire ride.

We ruled out that it was a plane because it was low in the sky, and the light was larger and brighter than any plane we had seen. During this time of the year, other people reported seeing UFOs in the vicinity of Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, and the surrounding areas. There are several military bases in the panhandle of Florida, so I thought they may be interested in what was going on at the bases.

My husband had his own encounter with one while patrolling the National Seashore where he worked. This UFO hovered over the Sound and had portholes with lights. As my husband observed this, the object took off at an incredible speed and disappeared.

Too many people encountered these objects during the span of two years for it to be a hoax, although one of the residents of Gulf Breeze turned his “sightings” into a hoax, which made the national news. Every now and then, Gulf Breeze, Florida is mentioned when several sightings are mentioned from all over the country.

I sometimes wonder whether these aliens look just like us, or perhaps are more human-like than they are depicted in the movies. I know there have been abductions reported, but there is also a lot of controversy surrounding those abductions. I vaguely remember two incidents that were made into movies. One, I believe, was called “Fire In The Sky.” I can’t remember the other one, but I believe Shelley Winters was in the movie.

I saw “Fire In The Sky.” I was shaken after watching it. I sometimes think about how I would react if I came in contact with beings from another planet. If they looked human, and I didn’t know they were aliens, I probably would treat them like any other human. But if they didn’t look human, I don’t know if I would stay and communicate with them, or run like hell.

What would you do if you encountered beings from another planet?[ad name=”Google Adsense-1″]Sombrero galaxy
Creative Commons License photo credit: Poor Yorick

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